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Jenna F. Hairston, S.V.S.
Teacher of Singing • Singing Voice Specialist
What is a Singing Voice Specialist?

The singing voice specialist is a singing teacher with special training equipping him or her to practice in a medical environment with patients who have sustained vocal injury. Most singing voice specialists have a degree in voice performance or pedagogy. Some have extensive performing and teaching experience, but without a formal academic degree. Nearly all have professional performance experience, as well as extra training in laryngeal anatomy and physiology of phonation, training in the rehabilitation of injured voices, and other special education.
• Develop a healthy vocal technique.
• Enjoy the process of singing.
• Acquire better posture and body alignment for singing.
• Gain increased confidence performing in front of an audience.
• Creative and artistic growth and development.
• Improve audition and performance skills.
• Sharpen music theory knowledge, musicianship skills, and  sight-singing skills.
• Become more engaging and compelling singers and performers.

More than half of music students stop playing their instruments entirely during the summer months. This results in a 2+ month learning loss when the following school year resumes. This would be similar to a marathon runner who stops training for 2 months and tries to win a race! They would not be in peak condition. Imagine starting a school year with an ensemble who isn’t out of practice and rusty! It would be amazing! How do you solve this problem?  
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Voice • Piano • Guitar • Woodwind 

Tips to get your kids to practice:

Set a Goal

  • Minutes per week or total for the summer, many kids are used to summer reading programs, think of this as your summer practice program!

Every little bit counts!

  • Do you hear “I’m bored!” occasionally throughout the summer? Challenge them to practice for 10 minutes!
  • Find live music in your area
  • Summer time is prime time for music festivals and concerts, check your area for live music that will likely inspire your young performer to pick up their instrument.

Try summer lessons

  • The lesson studio at Vocal Arts & Music Studio offers custom instruction for every kind of student!

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