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In addition to providing you with an opportunity to perform in our studio recital, I will always encourage auditions and public performances and I will help you prepare not just your voice, but your musical selection as well. This time is yours. I will begin your lesson on time every week and expect you to arrive on time each week so that your time and efforts are spent well in the valuable time we have each semester before your recital. I have a "no knock, walk right in policy" as I hope that each student fee
I teach 30/45/60-minute private voice lessons to students in a fun, relaxed environment that fosters positive vocal growth and development. Lessons are tailored to each individual student and are geared to help each student reach their personal musical goals. Emphasis is placed on a classical vocal technique that will enable each student to sing any style of music with more efficiency and ease. Additional emphasis is also placed on performance skills and musicianship. The goal of private voice lessons is to develop well-rounded singers who have a strong vocal technique, a compelling and engaging stage presence, and sharp musical knowledge and musicianship skills.
Many students find that a result of private training helps them to have more musical confidence. That is my goal in private coaching. I want each of my students to develop a confidence in them musically. As we work together in private instruction to strengthen your talent and increase your confidence, you can become an influential member in youth choirs, church choirs, community productions and choirs, and from there- college vocal groups and music theater. As your personal coach, I pick music suited specifically for you- to help develop your unique talent. I hope to introduce you to all types of vocal music to develop a deeper appreciation of music in general. I encourage my students to come to me with song choices of their own as well.
If there is an opportunity for a school musical audition, choir audition, if you are singing in church or if you are a high school choir member wanting to try out for Reginald, I would strongly suggest prep lessons. These are mini lessons to help you succeed in your musical endeavor. To prepare you as a performer, a vocalist, and to give your musical selection the best edge we can. We will decide what course of action to take with the lessons and how many we might need together. Please contact me if you are interested as I fill my extra prep time slots quickly. These lessons are in addition to your regular lessons and are short-term lessons so make sure you are planning ahead to give yourself adequate time to be ready for your audition, performance, Reginald, etc.
If a student is interested in taking a limited number of voice lessons for the sole purpose of preparing for an upcoming audition or performance, I am also available for concentrated audition/solo preparation work. Whether you are auditioning for a theatrical production, choir, choral contest, solo performance, college admission,etc., you may sign up for a smaller number of voice lessons in order to focus on preparing repertoire for your audition or performance. Several weeks of concentrated study on vocal technique and dramatic work will enable you to feel more prepared to do well and accomplish the desired result from your audition or performance.
GROUP LESSONS (Summer Sessions Only) 
I am so excited to offer Group Singing Lessons. I believe that this is a great time to teach music technique, theory and performing. There is no better way to develop confidence, in my opinion, than through music!!! In group class, we focus on warm-ups, basic theory, sight-singing, and solfege. Each student in group lessons is treated as a group member but also is given individual attention. Also, if you are interested in private lessons, the group class is a great place to start as I will usually draw my private students from my group lessons when I feel they are ready to work on solo repertoire. You will be provided with music. Please bring your own folder/binder and pencil to each lesson.
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